Color Spray Murals – Make Art Outside!

Color Spray Murals - Make Art Outside!
Making Color Spray Murals is a great way to build community and have fun outside as the weather begins to warm up here in Southern California.
Collaborating in GROUP ART brings people together in a loosely structured activity that engages everyone. These beautiful Color Spray Murals are easy to make and practically everyone feels like an artist with a spray bottle of color in their hands!
Spraying liquid watercolor on large paper tarps makes “instant” color swirls and patterns. The overlap of colors and color mixing brings immediate satisfaction. Even more exciting is the use of stencils to spray on top of.  You can add some palm fronds or lacy ferns on top of your tarp as stencils, or create your own stencil shapes from old cardboard file folders…and quickly watch colorful compositions come to life.
The staff at Pressman Academy in Los Angeles had a full day of staff training in a local nature reserve and invited me to lead a Collaborative Art Workshop at part of their training day.  Color Spray Murals provided a creative space for social interaction and a lot of teamwork and laughter.
Color Spray Murals - Make Art Outside!
We all want to feel connected to our peers and be part of a loving community. Hands-on group activities take a big step in that direction, teaching us to work together towards a common goal while always maintaining respect for other people’s points of view.
Color Spray Murals are a part of the Messy Art Workshop (link to Workshops list here). 
Book a workshop for your PTA Group or Staff Development Day.  Or try a spray mural on your own this weekend, all the steps are outlined in Color Spray smART Lesson provided here!
Color Spray Murals - Make Art Outside!
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