Creating a Personal Space at Home


Do you have a place to call your own at home, where you can rest, meditate, make art, and get work done quietly in private?  I do, and it has saved me time and time again from stress overload as I raised two children, managed a full-time job, and nurtured my marriage to dear but demanding husband (haha).  It’s easy to lose yourself in your “roles” in life, and a personal space honors your need to nourish your soul. 

Even if you are not raising a family or working full time or nurturing a relationship, we all need a place we can call our own.   Can you find a place in your home or apartment to begin? I bet you can. I bet there are more options than you realize, even if it’s a Cozy Corner of your bedroom, which you can develop over time. Start with a truly comfortable place to sit. 

I developed my personal space over the course of 32 years!  We bought our house in 1989 and have lived in it that long….amazing.  I worked out of a home office for art supply manufacturers all those years and had 3 decades to develop my Home Office… which as you see from this photo, doubles as my Art Studio. When the children were young we did messy art here all the time. It didn’t always look so cozy…it was an old 2 car garage that served as a storage space. But little by little, it has become a true sanctuary where I can get away from the world and feel that here at this moment all is calm, all is in balance.  

I hope you will be inspired to begin doing the same for yourself.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to begin. And as with all things new, don’t wait for the “right time,” simply begin.  Life rewards action.s It’s not selfish. Taking care of yourself is the noblest act you can do for others.  

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