Family Art Night

Have you ever thought about making art as a family activity?  Art making can calm you, unite you, and  provide a peaceful hands-on activity that gets you away from electronic gadgets.   

family art
Mother – Daughter art-making is FUN!

Why art? By participating in art we suspend our everyday logical thinking and place ourselves in a relationship with lines, colors and the flow of active discovery.  Art is “therapeutic” even when you are making art at home.

We disconnect from our left-brain “logical” selves when we engage in art activities. Art therapy provides the medium through which we stop thinking and start a more direct form of expression; the language of sensations, emotions and memories. Many of our early memories are stored in the right hemisphere of our brain, the non- linear artistic side. When we immerse ourselves in right brain activities like art, those sensory memories are activated. By stimulating those memories, we are better able to bring them to conscious focus and express them. Art has the power to penetrate the many layers of our minds and enables us to feel more in touch with ourselves.

Families and children are in need of calming activities in today’s stay at home world.  Art is a way to actively meditate; to be present and experience the here and now. Through art experiences, we connect with our intuition and quiet our minds.


This Mandala Lesson Plan (click here for lesson) is guaranteed to help you relax and focus. If you can, add your favorite background music and join together with other family members to experience the energy of collaborative play.  It’s fun to meet in the kitchen first to select your plates and saucers.

This activity also works well as a solo exercise, or couples activity. 

Have fun, and check out our other Lesson Plans that work for Family Art.

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