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Understanding the Link Between Art and Literacy:

Art is an outstanding tool for teaching, not only for teaching developmental skills but also for teaching academic subjects such as math, science, and literacy. The most effective learning takes place when children have a hands-on learning experience. When children study any learning content, they learn best and retain knowledge longer if they do an art activity to reinforce their learning. This information has been recognized and used by good teachers since the time of Confucious, when he said:

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

Art & Literacy

Art activities are a great way to promote literacy and language development. Children who draw pictures about stories they have read improve their reading comprehension, story understanding and motivation to read new materials they have not seen before. (Critical Links). Art tools provide early learners with pre-writing experiences, as they grasp tools that later help them hold a pencil for writing. Art develops expressive and reflective skills that enhance writing, and also promotes print awareness, spatial relations skills, visual literacy, and verbal creativity.

Art teaches these literacy concepts:


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