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Blog-1-Welcome-min-scaledWelcome to CreativePlayLA, an exciting new training service for educators and parent groups in Southern California!  Please sign in to receive our free newsletter and become part of our Creative Play Community. 
It’s our pleasure to offer you 7 new workshops for 2020, please click here for more details!
While these trainings were created for early childhood educators, they are guaranteed to bring pleasure and meaning to a wide range of personal or professional gatherings.
Let us know if we can create a custom training for your next event!
Email me! At Anna@CreativePlayLA.com
Anna Reyner

PS – Many thanks to Ashley Wilkes (www.MyMarketingPass.com) for designing this website. And to Anabel Flux at Deliquesce Flux Photograph

(https://www.deliquesceflux.com) for taking awesome photos of me in my Art Studio. It has been such a pleasure to work with both of you!

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