Young Horizons Staff Renew Their Passion!

Young Horizons Staff Renew Their Passion!
This week I had the privilege of training for Young Horizons, a beautifully operated childcare agency serving over 400 low-income children in Long Beach.
Sara Soriano, their Executive Director, selected the training topic Renew Your Passion to reward her staff with some genuine fun after a long morning of staff development. And FUN they had!  
Our theme was Vision Boards with a focus on Self Care. With everyone’s stress levels running rampant these days, self-care is more important than ever.  So….we began with an upbeat Art Ice Breaker, then moved into Guided Meditation and Mindful Breathing to relax our minds and bodies.
Then all 80 staff created colorful Vision Boards as a reminder of the importance of centering ourselves throughout the day to focus on authentic self-care.
Young Horizons Staff Renew Their Passion!
A good program administrator like Sara knows the value of rewarding her staff for their hard work by honoring them as individuals and providing activities that nourish the soul. Check out the smiles and beautiful results of Young Horizons and their exceptional staff!
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