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Art Therapy & Sensory Play

Art engages our senses in open-ended play & develops important cognitive and social emotional skills that last a lifetime...

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Over 35 years of research

The Science
of Art.

“A truly engaging experience.” Art isn’t just FUN – it’s actually great for your brain! Creative Play LA delivers Creative Workshops For Teachers.

Not only do hands-on sensory activities stimulate creativity, they  actually help the brain expand it’s neural capacity by challenging it with new problems to solve, and choices to explore.

We’ve learned over years of research that through carefully constructed CreativePlay, participants of all ages can expand their cognitive abilities, build emotional intelligence, and improve their overall mental well-being.

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Art can be a wonderful family activity, especially when everyone participates.  Many adults are inhibited by art simply because they can’t draw. But art isn’t about drawing, it’s about freedom and self expression.  It’s about taking a path that has no road map, and enjoying the process of discovery.  
These Parent Resources will help you nurture your child’s creativity and your own. Parents who understand the value of art are more likely to keep art supplies at home, designate a household area for “messy art,” and become involved in art themselves.

Exceptional learning can be fun:

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Educator Tools.

The potential for creativity…the act of making something new…lives in each of us.  Most of us act less and less upon this potential with every passing year.  Our sense of creativity becomes a memory, something we lost along the way.  
If a child grows up believing she is creative, she is more likely to find constructive outlets for creativity energy in later years.  The child’s creativity will not become a memory, it will be a valuable personal resource to use every day. 
As an educator, you are vitally important to all of us. Each and every day you influence the lives of children, and in doing so you shape the world and our future.  Thank you for the important work you do .

Art activities expand the pathways in your brain's neural network in ways that technology, entertainment, or traditional learning just can't...

Learn and Teach:


Art as Meditation

Family Art Night

Have you ever thought about making art as a family activity?  Art making can calm you, unite you, and  provide a peaceful hands-on activity that


Creating a Personal Space at Home

Do you have a place to call your own at home, where you can rest, meditate, make art, and get work done quietly in private? 

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