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Professional Development Workshops in Early Childhood Education


CreativePlay Workshops

Keep Staff Motivated & Engaged

Teachers Love Hands-On Trainings that build Emotional Intelligence, Classroom Skills, and Genuine Peer Connections.

Workshop Topics

  • Building Community in the MultiCultural Classroom
  • More Art Less Craft – Why Process Art Really Matters
  • Stem to Steam – Sensory Science
  • Math is my Superpower / Making Math Fun
  • Art, Literacy & Brain Development
  • Jumpstart for Toddlers – Messy Art & The Brain
  • Art in The Trauma Toolbox – Recognizing Stress in Art
  • Renew Your Passion – Self Care for Teachers
  • Teacher Burnout – Creative Team Building Fun
  • Art & Meditation – Calming Self Regulation for Teachers
  • Vision Boards – Creating & Sharing Goals & Intentions
  • Parent Support – Creative Strategies to Reduce Stress
  • Parent Education – Raising Creative Children
  • Early Childhood Mental Health & ACE Informed Care

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Anna added great value to our Head Start Conference this year, delivering 3 great training sessions. We found her via the California Head Start Association, where she came highly recommended. All her workshop reviews were outstanding. She was easy to work with and a lot of fun. We look forward to having her back

Michelle Iocca

Director of Professional Development
Illinois Head Start Association
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Anna's robust experience and knowledge drives a welcomed conversation that asks you to engage with your expressive self and to better connect with the children and families we serve. We are grateful for Anna's tremendous commitment to our wonderful field of ECE professionals.

Adam North

Director of Professional Development
EveryChild California
I loved this training! It was engaging, and a different perspective. We get so much information and tasks pushed on us. It was great to have the perspective of stress relief. It kept me up and wanting to learn more.

Ms Garcia

Teacher 2
SBDO County Office of Education
We recently booked "Stem to Steam" and "Renew Your Passion" for our Staff Development Day for 85 teachers. Both of the workshops exceeded my expectations!. The feedback from the staff has been great. Renew Your Passion was my personal favorite. I hope to work with Anna again.

Danielle Triplett, M.A

Program Director
Young Horizons Child Development Centers
Anna has such great energy, people feel good just being around her. She is one of our best facilitators and teachers our Family to Family course, a 10 week support class for families who have a member with a serious mental illness. Anna is a pleasure to work with and has positively impacted so many families.

Sharon Dunas

NAMI Chapter President
LCSW Westside
During these times of uncertainty and stress, Anna's workshops were a breath of fresh air. Staff enjoyed the experience of taking time for themselves and reflecting on how to incorporate self-care into their daily lives, and re-discover their "why" behind their jobs.

Carol Gregory

El Monte City School District Assistant Director
Child Development Programs

Over 35 years of research

The Science
of Art.

“A truly engaging experience.” Art isn’t just FUN – it’s actually great for your brain! Creative Play LA delivers Creative Workshops For Teachers.

Not only do hands-on sensory activities stimulate creativity, they  actually help the brain expand it’s neural capacity by challenging it with new problems to solve, and choices to explore.

We’ve learned over years of research that through carefully constructed CreativePlay, participants of all ages can expand their cognitive abilities, build emotional intelligence, and improve their overall mental well-being.

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take a look

Educator Tools.

The potential for creativity…the act of making something new…lives in each of us.  Most of us act less and less upon this potential with every passing year.  Our sense of creativity becomes a memory, something we lost along the way.  
If a child grows up believing she is creative, she is more likely to find constructive outlets for creativity energy in later years.  The child’s creativity will not become a memory, it will be a valuable personal resource to use every day. 
As an educator, you are vitally important to all of us. Each and every day you influence the lives of children, and in doing so you shape the world and our future.  Thank you for the important work you do .

Art activities expand the pathways in your brain's neural network in ways that technology, entertainment, or traditional learning just can't...

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Let’s Tackle Teacher Burnout TOGETHER!

Many early childhood teachers are leaving the workforce due to stress. Child care business owners now identify labor as the #2 organizational risk.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter whether you are an in-home provider, a teacher, director or teaching assistant, it takes a special kind of person to pursure a career in early childhood. To be successful, you need a lot of patience, love, solid communication skills, an organized mind, boundless energy, strength and soul. It’s not easy and it’s not for everyone.

Provide YOUR staff with wellness opportunities to reduce stress and burnout.


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