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Wellness & Stress Management

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Curriculum Competencies

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Family & Parent Engagement

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Academic Content: SAMPLES

All theory and learning content is thoroughly researched. Sponsoring agencies are welcome to schedule a Zoom Meeting with Anna Reyner prior to making decisions about which workshop(s) to book. At that time we can review and discuss workshop content, as well as customization you would like to include.

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FAQ Workshops

Workshop Length: 1 – 2 Hours

Number of Participants: Unlimited

Teachers LOVE hands-on trainings! These engaging workshops build emotional intelligence, classroom skills and genuine peer connections. All academic content and learning objectives are based on neuroscience and evidenced based research. Hands-on activities reinforce learning and add pleasure and meaning to the training experience.
Via Zoom or comparable platform, workshops follow a natural balance between lecture and hands-on. Look for the typical Workshop Schedule at left, in the yellow bar. And in cas you’re wondering … yes, you CAN do hands-on virtually!

All academic content is written by Anna Reyner and is based on Anna’s nationally recognized ECE Workshop Series, in development for 25 years. Each lecture is outlined onto 30-40 Keynote slides, and includes videos and live action photos of children from hundreds of ECE Classroom site visits. Content is regularly updated, especially in areas of neuroscience and trauma informed care. CLASS, ERS, DRDP, or any specific curriculum approach can be custom integrated, on request.

Fee Schedule available on request. All fees aligned with nationwide standards.
In-person workshops are the same base fee plus travel and material expenses.


Hands-on reinforces the specific learning objectives of each workshop, and includes expressive art, creative writing, and small group sharing in breakout rooms. Benefits include feeling seen and valued (teacher appreciation), stress reduction, creativity and a return to the roots of early education practice.

No material investment is needed for Virtual Workshops, which simply require paper, markers or crayons that participants typically have. In-Person workshops, add a small art materials fee that’s dependent on your budget.

As educators, we know the value of experienced teachers who are passionate about their work. With over 800 trainings delivered and a 35 years career in early childhood education and mental health advocacy, you are in good hands with CreativePlayLA. What’s more – your satisfaction is guaranteed!


Who is
Anna Reyner?

A nationally recognized arts advocate who has dedicated her life to helping people achieve their own creative potential, Anna has conducted over 800 national and international hands-on art workshops. She’s a registered art therapist and a licensed marriage and family therapist. 

Anna holds a masters degree in Art Therapy from the University of Louisville and a B.A. in both art and psychology from Ohio Wesleyan University.  

Author of two award winning books, Smart Art and Smart Art 2, Anna Reyner has nearly 40 years of experience delivering art programs and trainings to parents and educators all over California. She remains passionate about spreading the benefits of art and creativity in emotional intelligence, mental health and overall wellness.  


Thank you for your wonderful ideas, you exceeded my expectations! The feedback from the staff has been great."

Danielle Triplett, M.A. Program Director

One of the best things I've done during this difficult pandemic year. Thank you very much for these workshops!

Maro Mirzakhanyan/Teacher

I loved this training! So engaging, kept me up and wanting to learn more

Ms. Garcia/ Teacher 2

Loved the different perspective! We get so much information and tasks pushed on us. It was great to have the perspective of stress relief.

Mrs G / Teachers Aid

You know a workshop is effective when you can hear teachers planning how to bring the ideas back to their classroom less than 30 minutes in.

Angelica G / Teachers Aide II

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