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A nationally recognized arts advocate who has dedicated her life to helping people achieve their own creative potential, Anna has conducted over 800 national and international hands-on art workshops. She’s a registered art therapist and a licensed marriage and family therapist. 

Anna holds a masters degree in Art Therapy from the University of Louisville and a B.A. in both art and psychology from Ohio Wesleyan University.  

Author of two award winning books, Smart Art and Smart Art 2, Anna Reyner has nearly 40 years of experience delivering art programs and trainings to parents and educators all over California. She remains passionate about spreading the benefits of art and creativity in emotional intelligence, mental health and overall wellness.  

“These are fantastic workshops!
Thank you and keep them coming!”

Christina Cabrera - Assistant Executive Director Camp Fire Boys & Girls Club

CreativePlay workshops combine lecture, hands-on activities and small group collaborations to create highly motivating atmospheres for everyone.   
 SKILLS BUILDERS: Designed for teachers in PreK, Kindergarten, and Grades 1-3 classrooms, Skills Builders currently focus on these topics:
  • Art & Early Brain Development
  • Stem to Steam
  • Messy Art
  • Building Community
  • Art Therapy  
ENERGY BOOSTERS:  Designed for teachers, parents, and program administrators to reduce stress and renew emotional energies, Energy Boosters current focus on these topics:
  • Energy Booster 101  (playful, interactive, focus on making connections)
  • Renew Your Passion  (nurturing, interactive, focus on self expression)

“WOW! My favorite workshop in ages!”

Pauline McCall, Director of The Learning Experience


“Great workshops, they really inspire you!”

Marilyn Frapwell, Manager Long Beach USD Kids Club


“Really creative ideas – I learned a lot and had a great time!”

Corinna Castillo, Site Director YMCA of Santa Maria Valley

Frequently Asked Questions:

Workshop Length: 1-2 hours, depending on hands-on activities  Number of Participants:  Can be adapted to any size group  
Cost:  Fee Schedule Available on request.
Topics: Currently 5 Skill Builders and 2 Energy Boosters
Workshop Format:    Skill Builders
20% Academics  / Keynote Slide Presentation & Discussion
80% Hands-On  / Art & Creative Learning Activities
Workshop Format:  Energy Boosters
5% Academics  / The Mind-Body Connection and Self Care
95% Hands-On  / Creative Art & Self Expression Activities

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Knowledge is everything


Anna is a certified trainer for the of the National Alliance of Mental Illness and a trauma informed trainer for the Venice based women’s shelter alliance, A Window Between Worlds. She has volunteered extensively at VA Hospitals and developed art therapy programs for combat veterans with PTSD.  

She developed a special education arts program at the national school for special education as a Peace Corps volunteer in Central America, an experience that allowed her to become fully bilingual in English and Spanish.  With nearly 40 years experience delivering art programs and trainings, she remains passionate about the role of art and creativity in emotional intelligence, mental health and human wellness.

Companies That Love Anna:

ART plays a role in life more than most people realize.  
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Our work speaks for itself but it always feels good to be recognized. Here are just a few of the awards that Anna has received in her career…

Creating Joy Award.

Proud 2014 winner of A Window Between Worlds award for training excellence, and for developing trauma-informed art workshops for women’s shelters nationwide. AWBW advocates that art is a healing tool for trauma, and provides training for programs across the country that support women and children experiencing violence and trauma. 

Director's Choice Award.

Both of Anna’s books, Smart Art and Smart Art 2, won the prestigious Director’s Choice Award for “Best New Product” at the National Association for Early Childhood Educators conferences, in 2005 and 2006. Together they provide 72 “smart” Art Lessons, each classified by it’s potential for cognitive, social-emotional and motor skill development.  

Artist in Residence Award.

Zimmer Children’s Museum presented Anna with this prestigious museum education award in 2001, for creating and implementing a creative family arts program at their children’s museum in Los Angeles.  

Lifetime Achievement Award

Chi Kappa Rho, a national organization for professional women in community service, awarded Anna the Lifetime Achievement Award for public service as a Creative Arts Trainer for Parks & Recreation Departments throughout LA County. 

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