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How Art Heals Us

New Ebook!

What exactly is ART THERAPY and how does it work? What’s the magic or mechanism behind it? How does art help us work through difficult feelings, release traumatic memories and provide a creative and effective channel for healing?
This colorful eBook explains a complex topic in simple terms.

Download a PDF copy by clicking the button below.
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Stem & Creativity in the Outdoor Classroom

New Ebook with 42 Stem Ideas!

There’s a global movement to have more outdoor nature play for children and families. Many people worry about children not having enough access to nature spaces. This new Ebook contains slides, photographs and how-to instructions for 42 STEM IDEAS using simple nearby nature.

Download a PDF copy HERE for your staff and parents.
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How Art Impacts Learning

When children engage in art activities they build important cognitive skills and school readiness foundations in math, science and language.

Neuroscientists tells us that art making literally expands childrens capacity to learn. How does that happen? Open ended art experiences present a continuous flow of new information and problems to solve. Solving these problems creates neural pathways that generalize to math, science, language and other school readiness skills.

Learn How Art Impact Learning in this NEW Ebook by Anna Reyner, MA.

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Ideas To Inspire You

Happy African American family having fun while drawing at home.

Family Art Night

Have you ever thought about making art as a family activity?  Art making can calm you, unite you, and  provide a peaceful hands-on activity that


Stem to Steam

Stem to Steam The “STEM” movement is gaining traction in American education today, and more recently Stem has been replaced by STEAM. Why add ART

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Welcome to CreativePlayLA 

Welcome to CreativePlayLA Welcome to CreativePlayLA, an exciting new training service for educators and parent groups in Southern California!  Please sign in to receive our

Woman and two young children in kitchen with art project smiling

What is Child Art?

What is Child Art? CHILDREN love art because it’s fun and provides them with authentic self-expression, but how important is art to a child’s healthy

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