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Quality Assurance: How can I be assured of quality?

As educators, we know the value of experienced teachers who are passionate about their work. With over 800 trainings delivered and a 35 years career in early childhood education and mental health advocacy, you are in good hands with CreativePlayLA.
What’s more — your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Will we receive a CEU Certificate? YES!

More Workshop FAQs

Workshop Length: 1 – 2 Hours

Number of Participants: Unlimited

Teachers LOVE hands-on trainings! These engaging workshops build emotional intelligence, classroom skills and genuine peer connections. All academic content and learning objectives are based on neuroscience and evidenced based research. Hands-on activities reinforce learning and add pleasure and meaning to the training experience.

REQUEST A FEE SCHEDULE by email. All fees are hourly and aligned with nationwide standards. In-person workshops are same base fee plus travel and material expenses. Book single workshops, Half-Day or Full-Day. 2 hour minimum per booking.

Via Zoom or comparable platform, workshops are a balance of lecture, discussion and hands-on creativity. The video clip below called “See How It Works!” shows you a live art demo sample. Virtual PD is engaging, intimate and fun when authentic hands-on creativity is included.

Hands-on reinforces the specific learning objectives of each training, and includes expressive art, creative writing, guided meditation and small group collaboration via breakout rooms sharing. Benefits are remarkable and typically include pleasure, relaxation, stress reduction, personal validation, and increased positivity.

All academic content is evidence based and written by Anna Reyner, based on her nationally recognized ECE Workshops, in development for 25 years. Each lecture is outlined into a 20-30 Keynote slide deck, and includes videos and photos of children from hundreds of ECE Classroom site visits.

No material investment is needed for Virtual Workshops, which simply require paper, crayons, and basic art materials that participants typically own. Watercolor pencils, white modeling clay, and special materials can be purchased if desired. In-Person workshops add a small art materials fee that’s dependent on your budget.

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