About Our Mission


"Reduce Stress, Have Fun,
Make Connections"

What is CreativePlay?

CreativePlay is a live group experience designed to completely engage your passion for work and life.  

Created by art therapist Anna Reyner, and presented for over 30 years at educational conferences nationwide, CreativePlay takes you into uncharted territory. The potential for creativity, the act of making something new, lives in each of us. Experience Art with Anna Reyner and discover a new sense of personal freedom.

We’ve combined the principles of art therapy, meditation and sensory awareness to create a series of workshops to  elevate your sense of well being and community. You’ll learn about state of the art research by that links the neuroscience of sensory play to brain development and your body’s response to stress. .  

CreativePlayLA is building a movement to share the cognitive, social and emotional benefits of hands-on therapeutic art gatherings. 

Contact Anna to begin organizing a Workshop for your next staff development, conference, parent group or corporate event.

The Science Behind turning Play into Learning.

Current neuroscience tells us that brain development is activity dependent. Motor activities stimulate electrical impulses that shape our neural pathways. CreativePlay provides a live mind-body experience that fully activates our motor system, provides the opportunity to experiment freely in uncharted territory, and create new brain pathways. 

Motor activities stimulate electrical activity that shapes our neural pathway development.  Many neural pathways are dedicated to social awareness and behavioral learning. CreativePlay is a shared learning experience where people create collaboratively and learn that there are many different perspectives and ways to see and interpret the world.  

The growth of Emotional Intelligence has been driven by some significant steps in our understanding of how the brain works.  The emotional or limbic brain learns through doing. CreativePlay provides safe and nurturing group  activities which allow people to put new behaviors into practice through rehearsal and physical experience.

"unlocking our creative potential."

Meet Anna,
the Founder.

Anna is a gifted author, speaker, parent and educator with a life long passion for unlocking creative potential through targeted art activities.
She’s a Keynote Speaker who has presented at the US Department of Education, The International Art Therapy Association, The National Association of Early Childhood Education, and hundreds of major state and regional conferences.    
Her two books, Smart Art Ideas and Smart Art Ideas 2, were widely reviewed as outstanding contributions to the field, and both received the prestigious Director’s Choice Award in 2005 and 2006.       
Today she speaks, teaches, gives workshops, makes art and believes that creativity is contagious…that we’re better together…and that we tap into our own creative energy best when we CreativePlay in a group with others.   

"Art Development is Our passion"

Our Mission.

What makes CreativePlay so powerful?

CreativePlay changes the wiring and makeup of our brains, allowing us to better manage stress and anxiety.  
As an active form of mindful meditation, CreativePlay helps us experience ourselves as more calm and relaxed…by awakening our senses to the present moment.     
We learn from life that we can only be happy or satisfied NOW.  And yet the practice of living in the moment, of steering our mental chatter away from future or past concerns, is one of our biggest challenges as humans. 

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