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Happier Teachers, More Engaged Students, Reduced Behavior Problems, Trauma Informed Classrooms...

CreativePlay Educator workshops
provide a fun and creative environment where teachers reduce their own stress, while learning state of the art classroom management skills based on trauma informed childcare.  
Find a wide variety of CreativePlay workshop topics on our Workshops Page. We offer many  SKILL BUILDERS like STEM-TO-STEAM and DUAL LANGUAGE, as well as  STRESS REDUCERS like RENEW YOUR PASSION and ENERGY BOOSTER.    
CreativePLAY SKILL BUILDERS are designed for teachers in PreK, Kindergarten, and Grades 1-3 classrooms, within a variety of content areas while fostering critical thinking, creativity and collaboration.
CreativePlay STRESS REDUCERS are designed for teachers, parents, and program administrators and combine authentic creativity with a whole lot of fun. You’ll make new connections with peers, and leave the high-tech world behind and engage in a high-touch, collaborative art experience that will nurture and surprise you.
Working with children in the field of education requires a wider range of skills sets than ever before. Taking care of our social-emotional needs as teachers, parents and program administrators is extremely important in our stressful and complex world.  Getting away from digital screens and back into our senses though hands on art and sensory play fulfills an important and often neglected human need.  Being aware of trauma and its effect on children is a big part of that need.  According to the American Psychological Association, approximately half the children in this country experience some type of trauma during their childhood. These children need teachers and caregivers who understand trauma and the impact research has shown it to have on children’s physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development.  
Join us in this important movement to get back in touch with our senses, renew our passion for life and work, and leave our cellphones and laptops behind. NO talent is required, and satisfaction is guaranteed!  
Schedule a CreativePlay workshop for your staff, parent group or adminstrative team HERE.
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A. Anna teaching children small group 4 yo's

CreativePlay or targeted Sensory art is a cooperative learning experience that provides entertainment, challenges, and mastery to the participants. Creative activities or Instruction is one of the best ways in which to incorporate the different modes of learning.

With the right resources, tree branches, shells, sponges, found objects or simple kitchen tools can easily become art tools for targeted sensory activities your students will love and cherish… 

We all know that art materials can range to the very expensive, so we have planned resourceful activities through tested techniques you can implement from the simplest to the most complex: young preschoolers can explore dozens of non-toxic art materials directly with their hands or with a myriad of painting and clay tools, where older children can select art materials that offer greater complexity and challenge. 

Each art material and accessory provides a different skill development and has the potential for new discoveries

Educators everywhere working together to nurture creativity – imagine the possibilities!
Art is Communication. Art is Self Expression. Art is Creative Energy. Art is Seeing.


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