School Is In Session / HOW ARE YOU FEELING?

I think everyone is back to school by now and hopefully getting into the swing of things, helping children manage the big readjustment.

It’s not a small thing, this back to school, post pandemic.

Teachers everywhere report daily examples of extreme separation anxiety and having to reassure crying children like never before.

Parents often display their own extremes of separation anxiety at drop off and seem unable to say quick goodbyes in ways that are helpful to their children. There is still so much uncertainty in the air… it’s difficult to relax, feel safe and trust.

In the midst of all this, WHAT’S A TEACHER TO DO?

Lean in to self care, pause when agitated, and breathe deeply more often.

Recognize and acknowledge that you are making a huge difference in children’s lives RIGHT NOW. Remember that even though your job is harder, your positive influence is greater than it has been… probably ever.

You matter now more than ever before.

Here are some self-care highlights from Teacher Wellness Workshops this month. These radiant faces remind me of our collective strength – who we are and how we shine when we take care of ourselves. Let’s continue to care for ourselves more than ever.

Thank you for the important work you do with children!

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and share your experiences.  I hope you enjoy connecting with like minded spirits as much as I do.

Anna Reyner,

Consultant & Trainer:
CreativePlayLA, Los Angeles California

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