Trauma-Informed Classrooms

trauma informed art activities

Many of us are currently seeking information and training on how to deal with stress overload in our own lives, and better help the children in our care.

My new book, Trauma-Informed Art Activities for Early Childhood, is jam packed with practical ideas to make YOUR life easier, and childrens’ lives better.

What does ART have to do with developing a trauma-informed approach to working with children? Art offers a unique opportunity for children to safely experiment with the physical world, rewire their brains to reduce the negative effects of trauma, and learn to identify as creative thinkers.

Buy a copy of Trauma-Informed Art Activities today and learn how to build more intimate relationships with children. It’s highly illustrated, easy to use, supports trauma-informed work with children ages 3–8, and was written expressly with YOU in mind.

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What IS trauma-informed care?

What exactly IS trauma-informed care, and what does a trauma-informed teacher do differently than a teacher who has not had this specialized training?

This illustrates three core principles of trauma responsive teaching. Schedule a virtual training and learn how to put these ideas into action.

Here are a few handouts, to get you started. These and other handouts are all part of the ToolKits provided with CreativePlayLA workshops.

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