Watch Process Art In Action!

It’s been a fabulous training month at CreativePlay, and I have some great pictures to share with you of educators having fun with process art. It’s been exciting and rewarding to work with hundreds of teachers and caregivers this month, both virtually and in person These pictures were taken during the hands-on portion of serious training topics like Building Childhood Resiliency and Trauma Informed Art.

Light-hearted play and art-making are a good way to deal with our own secondary traumatic stress as caregivers. Art and creative self expression are naturally healing. No matter a person’s skill level, taking time to make art is likely to reduce their stress hormone levels. While we may know this intuitively, it’s also a fact supported by scientific studies.

I hope you’ll take the time to VIEW this short video montage from May Workshops. The photos represent staff from a wide range of ECE agencies at work and play with  professional development.  It’s seriously fun to see so many hard working caregivers relax and enjoy themselves.

Watch Process Art in Action / May Workshop Highlights

Educators understand that play is a child’s work…and it can also be an adults work as well. No matter what our age or stage of life, PLAY IS ESSENTIAL.

During in-person workshops, we share our favorite artwork with peers during collaborative social games, like the one below taken with the staff at St. Anne’s Family Services, Head Start.

Here’s a NEW “Arts Advocate” Handout to share with staff. Download it below to use in your newsletter, or email to staff to print out. It a page from my new Trauma-Informed Art Activities book, due for December release and already up on Amazon to pre-order.

Thank you to the following agencies for your virtual and in-person bookings last month. Together we are raising the bar for the value of PROCESS ART in education and mental health.

  1. Childcare Resource Center: (1) Renew Your Passion (in English) (2)Renew Your Passion (in Spanish)
  2. Mexican American Opportunity Foundation: (1) Renew Your Passion (2)Trauma Informed Art (3) Tambourine Energy Booster
  3. Easterseals of Southern California: (1)Jumpstart for Toddlers (2)Mental Health First Aid (3) More Art, Less Crafts
  4. St Anne’s Family Services: (1) Trauma Informed Art (2) Renew Your Passion
  5. Claremont USD: (1)Nature Inspired Art (2) Art & Meditation (3)Tambourine Energy Booster
  6. Connections for Children: (1)Trauma Informed Art in ECE
  7. Children’s Institute International: (1)Stem to Steam (2)Creativity in the Outdoor Classroom, (3)Math is My Superpower (4) Tambourine Energy Booster

Thank you for taking the time to read my ideas and share your experiences. I hope you enjoy connecting with like minded spirits as much as I do.

Anna Reyner,

Consultant & Trainer:
CreativePlayLA, Los Angeles California

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