Learn To Draw Your Breath / Trauma Informed Art

Fall is here and pumpkin spice is in the air. 
Are you ready for the busy season?

Here’s a Mindful Art idea to reduce stress. The teacher in this photo is a mental health specialist from Pressman Academy in Los Angeles. She completely engaged in the art process at a recent workshop and inspired me to call these “Rhythm Drawings.”  Thank you!

I’m excited that my new book Trauma Informed Art in Early Childhood is almost done –  the final manuscript is due to the publisher next week. It’s has 15 chapters and includes 30 illustrations, a shout out to visual learners! Researching childhood trauma has been painful…and I’ve learned a lot about how to BUILD RESILIENCY which I am eager to share with you.

Everyone has been effected by trauma during the pandemic. Adults can develop stronger resiliency skills and learn how to teach those skills to children in creative and age appropriate ways.  We can bounce back from pandemic stress, thanks to the miracle of brain neuroplasticity.

Take a “sneak peak” at two graphics created for the  book. I hope you find them useful.

Talking about art led me to think about the importance of language. In spite of stress, it’s important not pretend everything is FINE. It’s one thing to maintain a positive attitude, but false cheer is annoying…and authenticity is an important part of  the human connection we all need more of. 

Lastly, here’s the Chapter Outline for the book, in case you want to see what SOLUTIONS  are in store (next year)  to help teachers and children build resiliency.

Thank you to all the kind and thoughtful teachers I’ve met at recent trainings and conferences. You inspire me to move forward with a lift in my step.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and share your experiences.  I hope you enjoy connecting with like minded spirits as much as I do.

Anna Reyner,

Consultant & Trainer:
CreativePlayLA, Los Angeles California

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